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Pietro Saitta

Pietro Saitta

Dipartimento di Scienze Cognitive, della Formazione e degli Studi Culturali
Università degli Studi di Messina

Pietro Saitta is researcher in General Sociology at the University of Messina. He worked in several university and research centers in Italy and abroad. His main research interests are in urban issues, environment and deviance. He is the author of numerous scientific articles and books published on national and international journals and editors. His recent works are Quota zero. Messina dopo il terremoto: la ricostruzione infinita (Donzelli, 2013) and Getting By or Getting Rich. The Formal, Informal and Criminal Economy in a Globalized World (Eleven, 2013).

Articoli di Pietro Saitta:


This essay explores the connections between the notions of public space and resistance, and deploys secondary ethnographic data. The idea at the center of this study is that public space within the contemporary metropolis is exposed to substantial forms of denial, stemming from the partnership of State and private enterprise – something that allows to give meanings much different from the official ones to the illegality of the subaltern classes and the ‘rebels’. In particular, such denial of the public allows to interpret the actions of both these groups, apparently aimed at unlawful appropriations and privatizations of the space, in terms of resistance, and the seek for redistribution and social justice. Over the course of the paper, various forms of illegality and both ‘manifest’ and ‘invisible’ conflicts around space, sociability and the rights to the city are investigated.

DOI: 10.17386/SA2015-001003