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Massimo Giuliani

Massimo Giuliani

Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famiglia

Massimo Giuliani psychologist and psychotherapist is professor and cultural coordinator at the School of Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy of Milan Centre of Family Therapy. He is editor of the scientific journal Connections. His interests of research are the Internet communication and its connections between the Systemic and Complexity Theory, the emerging metaphor named 'Network' as a key to understand new forms of relationships and communication, and the virtual and hypertext. In 2015 he founded the publishing house Durango Editions which is also President. His publications include (with P. Barbetta and L. Casadio) Margini. Fra sistemica e psicoanalisi, Antigone, 2012; Il primo terremoto di Internet, Durango, 2015; (with F. Nascimbene), La terapia come ipertesto, Antigone, 2009.

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With the death of Luigi Boscolo happened last January, systemic therapy, born from the Milan tradition, lost the last of his Masters after the death, ten years ago, of Gianfranco Cecchin. Boscolo with Cecchin have shared a piece of common life starting from their friendship, by which they grow together: from the training in the United States up to the experience of systemic therapy in Milan, where they decided the abandonment of psychoanalysis. In 1980 they left the group of Mara Selvini Palazzoli. After they began to organize and conduct trainings in systemic family therapy for clinical and social services professionals. Adopting a biographical perspective, this article presents a way for understanding the theory and clinical practice, that are well established in the local services and in the heritage of our history of systems of thought, marked by a mixture between scholars’ biography and the author's biography.

DOI: 10.17386/SA2015-001012