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Giovanna Del Giudice

Giovanna Del Giudice

Conferenza permanente Franco Basaglia per la salute mentale nel mondo, Trieste

Giovanna Del Giudice is psychiatrist, she began her career with Franco Basaglia in the Trieste Psychiatric Hospital, in December 1971. In 1980 she was appointed head psychiatrist and director of a Mental Health Centre in Trieste. Appointed Director of the Mental Health Department of Caserta in 2002, in 2006 she became the new Director of the Cagliari Sociomedical District and for the next three years also served as the representative for Sardinia in the State-Regional Commission for Mental Health. She has been national spokesperson of the Mental Health Forum since 2003. She is President of the Italian association Permanent Conference Franco Basaglia for the Mental Health in the World since 2013. She has published numerous articles, participated in many international conferences and has also taught at the Universities of Trieste and Cagliari. Her last publication is … E tu slegalo subito. Sulla contenzione in psichiatria (Alpha beta verlag, 2015).

Articoli di Giovanna Del Giudice:


The Italian judicial psychiatric hospitals (Opg) were 'closed by law' on 31th March 2015. The end of this long and complex judicial process requires a detailed analysis of the situation. This article traces the history of the Opg, following its establishment in 1876 until today, and offers a detailed legislative and human reconnaissance by questioning the institutions, not only about the alleged collective protection from social dangerousness, but also, in relation to the unacceptable human suffering produced. On the basis of this historical reconstruction, the author underlines that the final overcoming of the institution Opg, necessarily passes through a review of the Italian legal and scientific processes that support the notion of incapability, fact of not being in full possession of one’s faculties, and the restitution of the right to responsibility to the person with mental disorder.

DOI: 10.17386/SA2015-001007